Mastery of aerospace technology becomes very important for Indonesia. Due to the given the vast areas of Indonesia mostly in the form of marine waters. This condition has made a guarding and monitoring becomes easy. Therefore needed satellite technology that can be utilized to guard the interests of the territory of Indonesia.

The success of developing IiNUSAT-1 on the one hand proves that the universities in Indonesia have competence in the field of nano-satellite development, on the other hand also shows that gotong-royong (working-together) in research-networks and technology will accelerate the research competence.

In the first year of development IiNUSAT-1 produced a document Prelimidary Design Review, and a prototype of the nano-satellite. The result shows that the nano-satellite prototype has maximum transfer rate 115.2 kbps and every parameter is sampled every second. Having experience developing and operating the nano-satellite in the first year research project, it will trigger the research related to security and prosperity of the nation. The next version of the nano-satellite will be payloaded with sensors and instruments which can be utilized for national security and prosperity.

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