It has been designed and implemented Alien Shooter video game system on Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA using VHDL. This system consists 4 modules, the top module is designed using schematic to integrate or control another module, which designed using VHDL. The system is divided into 4 (four) modules, which is the main module has been design using RTL schematic while the other modules designed using VHDL. The FPGA basic elements which is needed to implement this system, using Xilinx Spartan-3E XC3s500E, are 1,306 slices (its about 28%), 476 flip-flops (5%), 2,502 4-input LUTs (26%), 13 I/O elements (5%) and 1 GCLK element (4%). The propagation delay for each module are 16.955 ns for VGA synchronisation module, 8.700 ns for graphics module, 2.685 ns for keyboard module and 12.911 ns for sound module.

Presented in the 1st International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics (ICCSE) 2012. Download here in PDF.

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  1. Menggunakan picoblaze kah, pak Agfi?
    Atau sudah microblaze?

  2. Pak agfi, boleh saya minta souce code vhdl controller nya tidak?

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  4. wah baru tau kalau game alien shooter mengimplementasikan vhdl

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