We are transitioning from an industrial-based analog economy to an information-based digital economy. The momentum for this transition is been fueled by a number of converging factors.

  • Converging media: Digitization of data, voice, video, and communications is driving consumer product convergence. Convergence is happening in everyone’s backyard with incredible computing power being embedded within everyday consumer appliances. The digital revolution, be it from vinyl players changing to MP3 players or from analog TV to digital TV (recently, TVRI has trial broadcasted Digital TV in Jakarta), is occurring very rapidly. Data, video, and voice can now be transmitted over the same backbone due to the digital revolution.
  • Internet based lifestyles: As quickly as the Internet came into our lives it has become omnipresent. Families are becoming more aware of how the Internet can be used in their homes, and companies are also increasingly using it as a commercial channel. The Internet serves as the technology platform that enables an entirely new generation of consumer applications, including voice and video communications, e-commerce solutions, personalized news services, home security and automation, utilities resource management, and entertainment title distribution. The availability of such a wide variety of applications is changing the way people relate to the Internet itself. “Internet Lifestyles” is a new way of thinking that has resulted in the formation of an organization called the Internet Home Alliance. The principle behind this new organization is that consumers want to enjoy the benefits of the Internet lifestyle without worrying about the technology that enables it to work. The Alliance is bringing new levels of comfort, convenience, and security by creating the necessary infrastructure. Installation and support from various companies provide integrated services, eliminating the need for multiple points of consumer contact.
  • Deregulation: There is a heavy deregulation of global infrastructure industries such as telecommunications, utilities, and cable. These companies are developing new ways of improving their business by using the Internet and increasing revenues through additional services to the home.
  • Digitization of consumer products: For some time now, there has been a trend towards the digitization of consumer products. A product that is digital is one which is synonymous with higher quality, greater accuracy, higher reliability, faster speed, lower power, and lower cost. Simply stated, anything that is digital is better. The digitization of consumer products has not only led to the improvement of existing products, but it has also lead to the creation of a whole new class of products that never before existed. PVRs (Personal Video Recorders) are revolutionizing the way we watch TV, satellite modems are bringing faster Internet access to the home, and MP3 players have revolutionized portable digital music.


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    atau situs mana yang paling dapat di percaya untuk membeli produk fpga tersebut.

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    untuk FPGA setahu saya ada juga dijual di digiware surabaya website-nya http://www.digi-ware.com

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