UGM ground station requires a satellite tracking control system that can follow the movements of the satellite. The system proposed in this study is relying on the calculation of Two Line Elements (TLE), the reason is that the data TLE has a subtle error. The compass sensor is used to ensure accuracy; the results were [...]

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On-Board Computer or On-Board Data Handling (OBC/OBDH) has an important role as a manager for data housekeeping and communication handling between OBC/OBDH to its TTC (Telemetry and Telecommand) and EPS (Electronic Power System) subsystems in the satellite system. In order to operate according to the satellite sequence the RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) [...]

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Mastery of aerospace technology becomes very important for Indonesia. Due to the given the vast areas of Indonesia mostly in the form of marine waters.This condition has made a guarding and monitoring becomes easy. Therefore needed satellite technology that can be utilized to guard the interests of the territory of Indonesia. The success of developing [...]

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Hazard radiation can lead the system fault therefore Fault Tolerance is required. Fault Tolerant is a system, which is designed to keep operations running, despite the degradation in the specific module is happening. Many fault tolerances have been developed to handle the problem, to find the most robust and efficient in the possible technology. This [...]

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The satellite requires the support of a robust sub system. On Board Data Handling (OBDH) is the core function of the satellite subsystem and has to be error free in managing the operation of the satellite. [...]

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Agfianto Eko Putra on October 24th, 2012

The CanSat Leader Training Program (CLTP) is a training course, conducted by UNISEC Japan, that was established for participants to experience the entire cycle of CanSat development from the design to launch of model rockets. Through the program, participants will learn the space technology and teaching methods utilized in space engineering. CLTP held in Japan [...]

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