Agfianto Eko Putra on June 8th, 2022

Six out of 25 species of primates most endangered are in Indonesia. Six of these primates are namely Orangutan, Lutung, Bekantan, Tarsius tumpara, Kukang, and Simakobu. Three of the six primates live mostly on the island of Borneo. One form of preservation of primate treasures found in Kalimantan is by conducting studies on primate identification. [...]

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by Afianah, N., Putra, A.E., and Dharmawan, A.
The studies related to the synthesis of backpropagation artificial neural network algorithms are still based on the direct synthesis, so it requires an effort to modify the algorithm into hardware language so it can be optimized, synthesized and implemented into the FPGA. The High-Level Synthesis (HLS) is a [...]

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