Six out of 25 species of primates most endangered are in Indonesia. Six of these primates are namely Orangutan, Lutung, Bekantan, Tarsius tumpara, Kukang, and Simakobu. Three of the six primates live mostly on the island of Borneo. One form of preservation of primate treasures found in Kalimantan is by conducting studies on primate identification. In this study, an android app was developed using the CNN method to identify primate species in Kalimantan wetlands. CNN is used to extract spatial features from primate images to be very efficient for image identification problems. The data set used in this study is ImageNets, while the model used is MobileNets. The application was tested using two scenarios, namely using photos and video recordings. Photos were taken directly, then reduced to a resolution of 256 x 256. Then, videos were taken in approximately 10 to 30 seconds with two megapixel camera resolution. The results obtained was an average accuracy of 93.6% when using photos and 79% when using video recordings. After calculating the accuracy, the usability test using SUS was performed. Based on the SUS results, it is known that the application developed is feasible to use.


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