Most of the communication protocols in the Industrial Control System (ICS) are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Initially, the network protocol was designed for reliable performance, and thus did not incorporate data transmission security features. Therefore, ICS requires adequate data transmission security. This paper suggests improving the security of data transmission through a dynamic symmetric four-key-generators system, [...]

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Control system is widely used to monitor and control various industrial processes, such as oil and gas, smart grids, nuclear power plants, water treatment, telecommunication, chemicals, etc. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) require a secure communication network and real-time processing. However, most network protocols are designed only for reliable performance and are not equipped with adequate [...]

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Oleh Agfianto Eko Putra, Unggul Adhi Nugroho, Bakhtiar Alldino Ardi Sumbada dan Catur Atmaji
Telah dirancang-bangun penerima  paket APRS  berbasis  Raspberry  Pi  2  untuk  stasiun bumi.Tuner  TV  digunakan  sebagai  penerima  sinyal,  alat  penerima  diakses  melalui  laptop secara nirkabel. Antena Yagi dengan sebuah pengendali digunakan agar dapat secara otomatis mengarahkanke  satelit.Ujicoba  dilakukan  dengan  menerima  paket  APRS  yang  dipancarkan [...]

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Agfianto Eko Putra on February 23rd, 2018

by Andi Dharmawan, Ahmad Ashari, Agfianto Eko Putra
Quadrotor as one type of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a system that underactuated. It means that the system has a signal control amount is lower than the degrees of freedom or DOF (Degree Of Freedom). This condition causes the quadrotor have limited mobility. If quadrotor is made [...]

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by Andi Dharmawan, Ahmad Ashari, Agfianto Eko Putra
Quadrotor as one type of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an underactuated mechanical system. It means that the system has some control inputs is lower than its DOF (Degrees of Freedom). This condition causes quadrotor to have limited mobility because of its inherent under actuation, namely, the availability [...]

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UGM ground station requires a satellite tracking control system that can follow the movements of the satellite. The system proposed in this study is relying on the calculation of Two Line Elements (TLE), the reason is that the data TLE has a subtle error. The compass sensor is used to ensure accuracy; the results were [...]

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Quadrotor as one type of UAV can perform Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL). It allows the Quadrotor to be stationary hovering in the air. PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) control system is one of the control methods that are commonly used. It is usually used to optimize the Quadrotor stabilization at least based on the three [...]

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The quadrotor is one kind of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Quadrotor can hover with minimal translational velocity approaching a stationary state. The four rotors support this capability. These rotors are used to lift the Quadrotor to fly. These rotors are placed on all four sides of the tip of Quadrotor. To operate with excellent stability, [...]

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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) can fly autonomously or be controlled remotely by a pilot. Quadrotor as one type of UAV has been widely implemented in various needs. Its system design has a lot of control techniques involved. The design starts with the physical modeling. Quadrotor physical modeling is modeling based on the laws of physics [...]

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