by Andi Dharmawan, Ahmad Ashari, Agfianto Eko Putra


Quadrotor as one type of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a system that underactuated. It means that the system has a signal control amount is lower than the degrees of freedom or DOF (Degree Of Freedom). This condition causes the quadrotor have limited mobility. If quadrotor is made to have 6 DOF or more (over-actuated system), the motion control system to optimize the flight will be different from before. We need to develop over-actuated quadrotor control. Quadtiltrotor as the development of quadrotor has some control signal over its DOF. So we call it as an over-actuated system. Based on the type of maneuver to do, the transition process when the quad tiltrotor performs a translational motion using the tilting rotor need special treatment. The tilt angle change is intended that the quad tiltrotor can perform translational motion while still maintaining its orientation angle near 0°. This orientation angle can change during the undesirable rotational movement as the effect of the transition process. If additional rotational movements cannot be damped, the quad tiltrotor can experience multi overshoot, steady-state error, or even fall. Because of this matter, we need to develop flight control system to handle it. The flight control system of quad tiltrotor can be designed using a model of the system. Models can be created using quad tiltrotor dynamics by the Newton-Euler approach. Then the model is simulated along with the control system using the method of control. Several control methods can be utilized in a quad tiltrotor flight systems. However, with the implementation of LQG control method and Integrator, optimal translational control of the quad tiltrotor can be achieved.

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  11. This orientation angle can change during the undesirable rotational movement as the effect of the transition process…

  12. In control theory, the linear–quadratic–Gaussian control problem is one of the most fundamental optimal control problems. It concerns linear systems driven by additive white Gaussian noise.

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  19. The tilt perspective change is intended that the quad tilt rotor can carry out transnational movement at the same time as nevertheless retaining its orientation angle close to it. This circumstance causes the quad rotor have constrained mobility. he flight manage gadget of quad tiltrotor can be designed the usage of a model of the device.

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