Tifani Galuh Utami, Agfianto Eko Putra and Catur Atmaji

Drowsiness has symptoms which are itchy eyes, slow eye blink movement, smaller pupils, yawning and even a body. But the driver ignores it when the body send one of those signals often. The impacts which can occur to the driver, such as make a wrong decision while driving, could happen and lead to the most car accident reason. Therefore, the system which can provide an alarm when the driver feels drowsiness, fatigue or even microsleep is required. The way to detect microsleep when it occurs is to use the Electroencephalograph (EEG) brainwave. The system uses the one channel EEG Sensor device developed by Neurosky Mindwave which can provide eight brainwave signal such as Delta, Theta, Low Alpha, High Alpha, Low Beta, High Beta, Low Gamma, and Mid Gamma. On the other hand, attention and relaxation value can be generated as well. This prototype system tested by the car driver achieved its purpose of detecting microsleep event and alerting the driver by the alarm.

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