Most of the communication protocols in the Industrial Control System (ICS) are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Initially, the network protocol was designed for reliable performance, and thus did not incorporate data transmission security features. Therefore, ICS requires adequate data transmission security. This paper suggests improving the security of data transmission through a dynamic symmetric four-key-generators system, wherein the system anticipates cyberattacks by generating four keys before encryption. It involves four generators: a random initial key generator, a keystream generator, a key scheduling algorithm generator, and a pseudo-random number algorithm generator. In the receiver section, the system generates three keys before decryption to ensure data confidentiality and to avoid cyberattacks. The test results show that the proposed system key space is ≈22048 bits, meaning that the key is more secure from brute force attacks. As a result, the cipher data have a correlation value of 0.00007. The entropy value is 7.99, indicating that the cipher data is more secure. Also, speed tests show that the processing time still qualifies as real-time.


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