UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) can fly autonomously or be controlled remotely by a pilot. Quadrotor as one type of UAV has been widely implemented in various needs. Its system design has a lot of control techniques involved. The design starts with the physical modeling. Quadrotor physical modeling is modeling based on the laws of physics as a theory and mathematical modeling of physical interpretation. The problem arises when actual plants are not fit with mathematical models that are used as the control design before. Such discrepancy arises because of external interference, plant parameters, and dynamics models that are nonlinear. If control systems are not designed to deal with non-linear interference, it is difficult to us to maintain quadrotor flight. Therefore, we need control methods that can be applied to linear and nonlinear systems. Routh Stability can be used to generate PID (Proportional Integral and Derivative) constants as a linear control method by using a Ziegler-Nichols. Lyapunov as a method of non-linear control method offers distinct advantages over other control methods. Lyapunov second method is further implemented by a control technique that gives a good effect. So the PID and Lyapunov method can make quadrotor approaching the stationary state.

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