The quadrotor is one kind of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Quadrotor can hover with minimal translational velocity approaching a stationary state. The four rotors support this capability. These rotors are used to lift the Quadrotor to fly. These rotors are placed on all four sides of the tip of Quadrotor. To operate with excellent stability, we can use an IMU sensor (Inertial Measurement Unit). IMU sensor consists of some DOF (degrees of freedom) sensors, such as 3-axis accelerometer sensor, 3-axisgyroscope sensor, 3-axis magnetometer sensor, and so on under the needs of flight. To test the stability of Quadrotor can be done by utilizing the video and image processing methods. This processing acts as the ’eyes’ of Quadrotor. Sobel method as one of the picture processing algorithms can be used to read the edges of the object. This method can measure the level of stability fly. But before reading the results of the edge must first be converted to black and white format. Otsu method can be used to perform the conversion. Then we find the center point of the result of the transformation of the object being viewed. This point can be used to read the movement of Quadrotor. It is used to determine the position of the quadrotor movement on vertical and horizontal axes. The position can be utilized as input to control the quadrotor flight stability.

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