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WORKSHOP - Riset dan Implementasi di Bidang Speech, Signal dan Music Processing - Sabtu, 8 Mei 2021

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Wavelets and Filter Banks Course Notes
Copyright ┬ęDr. W. J. Phillips
January 9, 2003

1. Analysis and Synthesis of Signals
2. Time-Frequency Analysis

2.1 The Short Time Fourier Transform
2.2 The spectrogram
2.3 An Orthgonal Basis of Functions

3. Time-Scale Analysis

3.1 The Continuous Wavelet Transform
3.2 Comparision with STFT
3.3 The Scalogram
3.4 Examples of Wavelets
3.5 Analysis and Synthesis with Wavelets
3.6 [...]

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Wavelet theory” is the result of a multidisciplinary effort that brought together mathematicians, physicists and engineers… this connection has created a flow of ideas that goes well beyond the construction of new bases or transforms. - Stephane Mallat
Dalam beberapa tahun belakangan ini telah terjadi ledakan besar pada aktivitas yang melibatkan wavelet. Ribuankarya ilmiah (paper) tentang [...]

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