Listening to the likes of Covey or Robbins will lead you to believe that these aren’t really issues. They are merely self imposed mental challenges that can be overcome by thinking “Win-Win” or “Being the Voice”. “Chicken Soup for the Soul” might be a great up spiritual up-lifter, but what the industrial world really needs is “OPC Expertise for the System’s Integrator”.

KEY #1: FOLLOW YOUR BLISS (Simple Access and Universal Connectivity)

Systems integrators specialize in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together properly. If there is one thing every integrator wants is universal connectivity and the ability to harness all the available information into one complete picture. OPC gives applications across the manufacturing enterprise access to real-time information in a consistent manner, making multi-vendor interoperability connectivity a reality. For example, MatrikonOPC is the world’s leading provider of OPC products with connectivity to every major control system and application on the market. OPC keeps users free from data-source implementation details, is vendor independent, and works with all types of data: real-time, historical, alarms and events.

Key #2: EXPERIENCE AND DEDICATION (Legacy Friendly and Future Ready)

Persistence, patience and perseverance may get the job done, but integrating OPC systems is much easier when you use trusted OPC products. The wide range of proprietary protocols and solutions system integrators face means they require OPC servers that are legacy friendly and future ready. They need to be able to work with all devices, not just the latest-and-greatest versions yet robust enough to handle future connectivity advances. You have to find OPC Server that built on their certified, integrated OPC Framework, and provides connectivity to all main OPC specifications and versions, including OPC DA, HDA and A&E.

Key #3: GET A GUIDE (Find the Right Partner)

Not only do system integrators need to recognize which products are best suited, but also know where to go for expertise they may not readily have in-house. Effectively troubleshooting OPC systems, recognizing and dealing with compliancy issues requires a specialized skill set. For example, The MatrikonOPC Integrator Program allows integrators the ability to confidently bid on a wider array of projects and place more focus on key aspects of their existing automation projects knowing that they have expert assistance in addressing data connectivity issues: from initial communication architecture design and proper connectivity software selection to implementation support and training.

Key #4: VISUALIZE THE OUTCOME (Reliable Design)

In order for the best solution to be implemented, the requirements need to be clearly designed from the beginning. Different systems require different products or specific configurations, and successful implementation hinges on a reliable design. Optimal connectivity solutions may have minimum downtime constraints, guaranteed data delivery requirements for real-time or historical data.

Key #5: ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE (Flexible Security)

All too often system integrators or their automation clients face opposition from IT departments stating that open standard connectivity is at odds with secure systems. In order for various departments to work together, both sides need to recognize how the right OPC products and architecture can provide flexible security. For example, The MatrikonOPC Tunneller and Security Gateway applications are used in numerous architectures that allow external access while providing internal ‘zoned’ access for process specific applications. The OPC Security specification gives users the advantages of open standard connectivity, with the security of controlled user access.

Grab the Keys

Customers from all industries are demanding improved productivity. Every inspirational speaker, self help tape or industry guru’s message boils down to the same thing “Work Smarter, Not Harder”. One way to achieve this is collaborating with a company with the best technology, resources and products to help overcome the implementation obstacles. OPC vendors must provides solutions-focused, OPC domain experts that can help systems integrators to design, build, install and service new and retrofit integrated solutions in their industries and applications. Einstein once said “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. If OPC integration is your difficulty, then now is your opportunity. The ability to seamlessly implement OPC systems is within your grasp.

Just grab the Keys!


Terima kasih dan semoga bermanfaat!

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