In this study, we use Lora-based data communication for communication between boats and database management systems for vessel. The maximum distance from the Lora is 10 km, and in order to be able to monitor fishermen along the fisherman’s coast in fishing, it is necessary to have a multi-gateway Lora to increase fishermen’s tracking coverage. The system is built using multi gateway Lora installed on the coast. Devices built with a Lora client are installed on a boat with GPS input, the technique of sending data on the device to the gateway uses a time base with a 1-minute period. To minimize data on the gateway that intersects the range of other gateways, a time flag is made to determine the data at a certain time to determine the trajectory of the boat. The result this research is system-monitoring vessel, which is successfully built and can provide fishing boats along the coast with long-range coverage. Based on experiment, multi gateway can be implemented by creating an identical ID gateway, the Lora client will broadcast to the nearest gateway. The maximum distance obtained is 1.35Km NLOS and to cover 20 Km of beach length is needed 15 gateways.


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