Suwanto Raharjo, Retantyo Wardoyo, Agfianto Eko Putra

Proper nouns (often abbreviated PN or NNP) are a class of words important in labeling and subsequent text processing, especially in natural language processing (NLP). Name entity recognition (NER) is one study that requires PN. The lack of labeled data for Indonesian text, especially the PN label, may be attributed for the lack of NER research in the Indonesian language. This study aims to detect PN in Indonesian-language translations of the Quran guided by deriving location information from the Quran as its source text. In the Indonesian language, PN is written using initial capital letters, which are used to determine and guide PN location. This article proposes that PN in Indonesian-language translations of the Quran can be determined based on PoS Information of Quranic text by developing a certain production rule. The results of this research showed that the proposed method has promising results for further research.

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By Catur Atmaji, Agfianto Eko Putra, Hanif Arrijal


In the past few decades, biomedical signals have played important roles in assisting diagnosis for medical purposes. After the rose of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and human-machine interaction (HMI) concept, biomedical signals such as an electroencephalograph (EEG) and electrooculogram (EOG) begun to be implemented in control and communication systems. EOG, the signal resulted from eye movement, has been used to design various applications from drowsiness detection to virtual keyboard control. The key of the system developed from EOG signal is the detection system for every eye movement. In this study, a sliding window technique is proposed to make eye movement patterns easier be formulated and using overlap window to avoid local extrema when computing the feature. Evaluation of this method shows that combination of 0.5 s-window length and 25% overlap give 17% and 1% false discovery rate (FDR) in the vertical and horizontal channel while the true positive rate (TPR) in both channels is 98%. The combination of automatic window and 25% overlap give a better accuracy with 99% and 100% TPR in the two directions while the FDRs are 22% and 1%.

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Agfianto Eko Putra on February 23rd, 2018

by Andi Dharmawan, Ahmad Ashari, Agfianto Eko Putra


Quadrotor as one type of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a system that underactuated. It means that the system has a signal control amount is lower than the degrees of freedom or DOF (Degree Of Freedom). This condition causes the quadrotor have limited mobility. If quadrotor is made to have 6 DOF or more (over-actuated system), the motion control system to optimize the flight will be different from before. We need to develop over-actuated quadrotor control. Quadtiltrotor as the development of quadrotor has some control signal over its DOF. So we call it as an over-actuated system. Based on the type of maneuver to do, the transition process when the quad tiltrotor performs a translational motion using the tilting rotor need special treatment. The tilt angle change is intended that the quad tiltrotor can perform translational motion while still maintaining its orientation angle near 0°. This orientation angle can change during the undesirable rotational movement as the effect of the transition process. If additional rotational movements cannot be damped, the quad tiltrotor can experience multi overshoot, steady-state error, or even fall. Because of this matter, we need to develop flight control system to handle it. The flight control system of quad tiltrotor can be designed using a model of the system. Models can be created using quad tiltrotor dynamics by the Newton-Euler approach. Then the model is simulated along with the control system using the method of control. Several control methods can be utilized in a quad tiltrotor flight systems. However, with the implementation of LQG control method and Integrator, optimal translational control of the quad tiltrotor can be achieved.

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by Hesti Khuzaimah Nurul Yusufiyah, Ilona Usuman, Agfianto Eko Putra, Triyogatama Wahyu Widodo

This research is motivated by the condition of children with autism who require continuous monitoring without a parent accompany, and certain therapies who is capable to reduce repetitive behaviors and increase the concentration. Music therapy is one of the treatment which able to perform it. The implementation of this research is located in a special schools with autism, the perform is proper at certain times and requires tools for music therapy. Therefore, the integrated device was made to monitor the activities of children with autism, as well as providing music therapy automatic face recognition based on Eigenface method.This device perform when the children with autism under certain conditions (e.g. crying, the teacher would not work orders, etc.), then by capturing the the facial image, the system will process to compare the similarity with the existing database. Then, the shortest distance of euclidean is chosen. If the captured of facial image is similar to the one existing database, then the music is performed as music therapy for children with autism. The results of this system, indicates that the child’s responses become more calm, easy concentration, and the repetitive attitude is reduced. While the accuracy of the system achieves by 80% (compare with the old and new database) and 20%. (without new database).

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by Mardi Hardjianto, Jazi Eko Istiyanto, Subanar, Agfianto Eko Putra

AbstractMany fall detection systems are developed using accelerometer and gyroscope on a smartphone. In existing fall detection systems, smartphone location placement is generally selected from the beginning and cannot be repositioned. The movement of smartphone decreases the accuracy of the system. This research provides fall detection model using accelerometer on smartphone and the placement of the smartphone could vary as of six predetermined positions. The method used for fall detection is threshold method applying only one parameter, the value of resultant acceleration.

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by Andi Dharmawan, Ahmad Ashari, Agfianto Eko Putra


Quadrotor as one type of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an underactuated mechanical system. It means that the system has some control inputs is lower than its DOF (Degrees of Freedom). This condition causes quadrotor to have limited mobility because of its inherent under actuation, namely, the availability of four independent control signals (four-speed rotating propellers) versus 6 degrees of freedom parameterizing quadrotor position or orientation in space. If a quadrotor is made to have 6 DOF, a full motion control system to optimize the flight will be different from before. So it becomes necessary to develop over actuated quad tiltrotor. Quad tiltrotor has control signals more than its DOF. Therefore, we can refer it to the overactuated system. We need a good control system to fly the quad tiltrotor. Good control systems can be designed using the model of the quad tiltrotor system. We can create quad tiltrotor model using its dynamics based on Newton-Euler approach. After we have a set of model, we can simulate the control system using some control method. There are several control methods that we can use in the quad tiltrotor flight system. However, we can improve the control by implementing a modern control system that uses the concept of state space. The simulations show that the quad tiltrotor has done successful translational motion without significant interference. Also, undesirable rotation movement in the quad tiltrotor flight when performing the translational motions resulting from the transition process associated with the tilt rotor change was successfully reduced below 1 degree.

International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 7 (2017) No. 3, pages: 1104-1113, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.7.3.2171 [online]

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Oleh Afandi Nur Aziz Thohari, Agfianto Eko Putra

Spectrum analyzer merupakan alat yang berfungsi untuk mengubah sinyal dalam ranah waktu menjadi spektrum dalam ranah frekuensi. Sebuah alat penganalisa sinyal umumnya memiliki ukuran yang besar sebab terdiri dari banyak komponen seperti mixer, amplifier, local osilator, ADC dll. Selain ukuran, masalah dari spectrum analyzer yang ada di pasaran adalah tingginya utilitas yang disebabkan oleh banyaknya titik cuplikan dari sinyal. Utilitas yang tinggi mengakibatkan spektrum yang ditampilkan menjadi lambat. Oleh sebab itu, dalam penelitian ini dirancang purwarupa spectrum analyzer berukuran kecil menggunakan single board computer, RTL-SDR dan LCD touchscreen. Fungsi spectrum analyzer diimplementasikan dalam sebuah perangkat lunak dengan menerapkan algoritma fast fourier transform. Masukan yang diproses berupa sinyal radio yang dicuplik dalam beberapa titik untuk mengetahui utilitas dari SBC. Kesimpulan yang diperoleh dari hasil pengujian yaitu utilitas SBC dapat menampilkan spektrum dengan normal pada jumlah cuplikan (N) dari 512 sampai 32.768 titik. Sebab penggunaan N lebih dari 32.768 titik akan membebani cpu dan memori sehingga spektrum yang ditampilkan menjadi lambat. Kemudian jangkauan frekuensi yang dapat ditampilkan purwarupa oleh adalah 24 MHz sampai 1.769 MHz. Purwarupa dapat menunjukan letak spektrum radio secara tepat setelah dilakukan perbandingan level spektrum menggunakan spectrum analyzer Anritsu MS2720T.

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by Agfianto Eko Putra, Bakhtiar Alldino Ardi Sumbada, Anas Nurbaqin

UGM ground station requires a satellite tracking control system that can follow the movements of the satellite. The system proposed in this study is relying on the calculation of Two Line Elements (TLE), the reason is that the data TLE has a subtle error. The compass sensor is used to ensure accuracy; the results were evaluated using a protractor, and about 99%. Moreover, this system is also tested to receive images from NOAA satellites using the RTL-SDR and Yagi antennas. In general, this system can follow the motion of the satellite well.

Published in: 2016 IEEE International Conference on Communication, Networks, and Satellite (COMNETSAT2016)

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This research was conducted to develop a method to identify voice utterance. For voice utterance that encounters change caused by aging factor, with the interval of 10 to 25 years. The change of voice utterance influenced by aging factor might be extracted by MFCC (Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficient). However, the level of the compatibility of the feature may be dropped down to 55%. While the ones which do not encounter it may reach 95%. To improve the compatibility of the changing voice feature influenced by aging factor, then the method of the more specific feature extraction is developed: which is by separating the voice into several channels, suggested as MFCC multichannel, consisting of multichannel 5 filterbank (M5FB), multichannel 2 filterbank (M2FB) and multichannel 1 filterbank (M1FB). The result of the test shows that for model M5FB and M2FB have the highest score in the level of compatibility with 85% and 82% with 25 years interval. While model M5FB gets the highest score of 86% for 10 years time interval.

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